Wine Expeditions - Deep Dives into Select Varieties and Styles

Wine Expeditions are designed as little adventures into specific types of wines.  Join us for a 90 minute journey that will dive deep into specific wine subjects such as Sake, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sparkling and general wine tasting techniques.

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WINE SENSESATION – An Introduction to Wine (Dates TBD)

This course is for the wine lover or novice who wants to understand more about what’s in their glass and how to fully experience a wine tasting by engaging all their senses.


Kanpai! An introduction to Sake for Wine Lovers

Join certified Sake Educator and Master of Wine candidate, KJ Rizzo to learn what sake is and how it's brewed.  Understand regional styles and come away being able to tell the difference between the major premium and specialty sake categories.


Bubbles!  A Sparkling Celebration

Sparkling wines are incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from a big cork-popping celebration to a quiet Tuesday night with pizza.  Learn how key sparkling wines are made and taste your way through at least 5 major sparkling producing regions and styles.


Pinot Noir: Globally Recognized, Locally Loved (Dates TBD)

Deep Dive into Pinot Noirs from Sonoma County and the World.  Learn to smell and taste the differences in how this finicky grape expresses itself in various climates and soils regionally here in Sonoma as well as from major Pinot Noir producing regions such a Burgundy, New Zealand and Chile and others


Chardonnay- The World’s Most Versatile Grape (Dates TBD)

Chardonnay can seem controversial as people either love it or love to hate on it.  Yes, chardonnay is one of the most flexible grapes that can grow in almost any and every wine producing region of the world.  So if you think you don’t like chardonnay, you just haven’t found a style to suit your palate.  In this course, we’d decode the ways to explore chardonnay by tasting through a range of styles from across several climates and continents.  No passport required.